A couple of weeks ago as I was finishing George Orwell’s dystopian 1984 for the first time, I was shocked at how closely the world mirrors the book. It wasn’t the blatant erasure of history nor the terrifying, blood-chilling torture that caught my attention, but rather how easily humans can alter their perspectives. They can believe something one minute, and then the complete opposite the next minute. Not even alarmed at the contradictions in their mind, turning a blind eye to the truth. The book, to say the least, is fiction, but we have the basics down. In light of recent events, the US intervention in Syria, Americans are once again picking sides in the comfort of their own homes.

American liberals and democrats oppose the war, this time initiated by a conservative, but had no cries of outrage at the 26,171 bombs dropped by the Obama administration in 2016 alone. In fact, many now are mourning Obama and his peaceful foreign policy that would not have driven them to war, unlike Trump. Journalists and people with politics degrees, champion Obama as a peace maker, unaware that he was complicit in seven wars. My personal favorite take was how Americans would be so much less concerned if Hillary was doing this. Yes, how feminist of you? War and murder are okay if at least we can look progressive doing it.

Now republicans, our dear Trump supporters, are welcoming the war with open arms. In a matter of days Trump has become the savior of justice. The wars they claimed Obama was spending too much money on, are now necessary for world peace.

This brand of thinking, this worship of ideology, is the crux of the American political machine. If said leader falls into the same ideological line as you, all criticism is thrown out the window.

How can they, in a matter of months, stand with what they so wholeheartedly opposed?

How can they, in a matter of months, oppose what they so wholeheartedly stood with?

I am not only signaling out Americans, or any country for that matter. This a low scale example of the type of indoctrination George Orwell was warning us against. Mass media has its claws deep in our brains. Our ability to think on our own outside of the label box is impaired. Now anyone with a little nuance is branded confused. Fortunately, more people in America and around the world are rejecting the traditional two party system, the obsolete black and white way of thinking. Nevertheless, we are still a long way from being free.


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