While I’m waiting here at the airport, someone in New York might be taking his coffee after a long hectic day in the office. He looks outside the window at the people marching back and forth; enjoying his solitude. A girl my age in London might be bolting to the subway to catch up with her friend who has just come from abroad. They haven’t seen each other in ages. The breeze is so fresh today in France. I see a couple holding hands and enjoying a stroll down the Champ Élysées. Nawaf has just called his wife during the fifteen-minute-break to tell her that they will be having dinner in their favourite restaurant. Someone in Tokyo might embark on a project. They’re trying to build a new gadget to make it easy for the elders to remember phone numbers or something of that sort. A family is now sitting on their dinning table in Sydney, and while they’re having dinner, the mother finally decides to face them with the fact that she has stage 3 breast cancer.

I enjoy all of these scenes in my head; the tears, the hugs, the giggles and laughter, the innovation, the dedication, the commitment, the love and the endless emotions taking place at the very same moment, but in different places across the globe. It’s that feeling that courses through your blood. It’s that feeling that secures your chaotic mind. It’s that feeling that brings peace to your contradicting paradoxical thoughts. It’s that feeling that make your mind still and your pulse slow. It’s that feeling that possess every inch of your soul and leaves you breathless. It’s overwhelming. It’s so good.

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