For as long as I can remember, there has always been a tension between PC (Personal Computer) and Console gamers. Each side has attempted to prove over and over again that they are better, to the point where violence has broken out between friends. Everyone has opinions, but we are getting to a point with gaming where it goes too far.

Gaming has become a huge part of many lives, and there are different types of games for all people around the world. In addition to these different types of games, there are many that seem as if they were designed for certain gaming platforms, which splits the fanbases even more. One of the biggest genre’s of games is Adventure, and none are more popular than the Batman Arkham series, one of the causes of the biggest split in Console and PC gamers.

While it is undisputed that PC’s have more potential than consoles, there are benefits to all platforms. However, each has their own detriments. Most of the time, games are “ported” over to different platforms. A game may have been designed for PC, but it was ported over to Xbox, and vice versa. Typically games are not ported over to PC, but one of the latest Adventure games, Batman Arkham Knight, was ported over to PC, and the errors in console to PC porting are extremely apparent in this situation.

Many PC users have been experiencing awful FPS (frames per second) drops and save corruption with Arkham Knight, a problem most console gamers are not having. This game that was advertised to look and run beautifully on PC has not lived up to expectations on that medium, and this is the main instigator for what many are calling the worst rift in gamers. Consoles are claiming they are better, while PC focuses on preserving their rank at the top, and this split may be what completely divides this generation of gamers. As Abraham Lincoln once said, a house divided against itself cannot stand, and that is true not just for politics but for gaming as well. If both types of gamers cannot group together to work together, this split will only grow larger, and may be the end to high-quality gaming.

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