A girl about 12 decided to be in the talent show at her middle school with her best friend. She didn’t want to do it that much, but she decided it would be fun to sing with her friend. They auditioned and they got the date they will perform on. The girl was very excited and nervous. She knew she wasn’t the best singer, but people have said she is a decent singer so she believed them.
The day of the show came and she was very nervous. Her friend calmed her and when it was their turn they went on stage and sang. She was having fun, but felt like her friend was a better singer than her.

After the show everyone said they did good. The girl once again felt good about herself and went on the bus holding her head high.

She looked out the window, smiling, when she overheard something.

“Those two girls singing was the worst act in the show. I wish they would’ve stopped the song sooner.”

Those words weren’t filled with venom or even directed at her, but she felt horrible. She wanted to cry on the bus, let it all out and scream at the person who said that.

She did none of these things and waited until she got into her room and locked the door.

The girl never sang again. Her friends would beg her to sing a song with her or sing for them. She never sang for them. She never had the joy of singing again.

Before that incident she loved to sing and even sang at her church. She sang with her friends and had fun doing it.

Now she is silenced by that word “Worst.”

Words do matter.

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