It was just a few days back, I was sipping coffee when I read on the cover of a Local Magazine this amazing quote, “The more you sweat in peace. The less you bleed in war.” – Norman Schwarzkopf.  This inspired me to pen down….

A Warriors Shadow

Contemplating the sacrifice of the fallen soldiers,

Sitting amidst the ashes of hope,

The only resonating sound was of disaster.

Crumbles of defeat washed over,

The shores of the tyrant’s victory,

Bowed below the fallen soldier’s city.

What was the sight before the war horn,

Tried to recall the shadow of the fallen,

Patching its existence into the memory of love.

Imprinting its light on the sands of blood,

Collecting every shade of hope,

He slithered on the sand.

On the battle field was rust,

Eating away the hope of all,

Cries of fear spreading darkness.

Fading away the shadow spotted,

What glimmered was what he anticipated,

It was hope, his boy standing up to.


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