the rush of emotions. the excitement of visiting a new place or meeting a long-distance friend. the fear of the unknown, the adrenaline packed with butterflies that asks you – whats on the other side? the sadness of departing and the melancholiness of never coming back. the confusion of the next step and of checking-in in new airports. the happiness of being free, of letting go. the openness to new challenges, adventures and ideas. the passion of traveling. the love of the air, of being literally high and fast, the sight of the clouds. the fear of crashing, the memories of lost ones. the rush of takeoff and landing, the excitement at both ends. walls of airports have seen more than we all ever did, how come a place so simple could be so lucky? i pray that you always travel to satisfy your wanderlust tendencies and meanderer self- never because you are forced to go back.

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