It’s not easy to sum up a person’s character in one sentence, let alone a word. However, in the inimical world where I reside, there’s a letter painted on everyone. This letter serves as a ticket in my world. It is what strives to shape your life, it is what you’ve got to prove yourself with.
As society dictates, the alphabet gives an accurate representation of the sort of person you are, it describes you the best. So, if you get a lower grade than everyone else, you’re of a lower moral ground, which probably translates into you failing everything, into you not being able to do anything worthwhile in the course of your life.
And I beg to oppose. I hate how our society has been sucked into this game. At any gatherings, I get asked what my grades are before being asked how I am. And with the passage of time, by looking at how things are going, it’s going to become a part of everyone’s name. Soon, the boy who lives across the street will be called A* Tom, the girl next door will be C* Zoe, and so on.
I refuse to understand how something which is a measure of how much one can grasp information can be the basis of what people judge one with. I believe marks don’t give an actual depiction of the person and what he/she is good at. The most vital thing in life is not to memorize coursework, it’s to be a good person, is to know what to do when things go awry. This number fails to measure how big a person’s heart is, how he/she knows what to do when apocalypse strikes, which is the skill one needs to possess in order to live a happy life. Knowing how to find the domain of a function shouldn’t be THE criteria for deducing whether the person will go far in life or not.
I loathe how this one letter is given so much importance by everyone. It seems like its the only thing which matters, which I don’t agree with. No one tries to go deep within, no one tries to accept the fact that there are people who are not good at memorising coursework and their interests lie in areas which are not taught in conventional schools.
This “game” has perpetuated the act of students studying only to get those grades, and not for the simple want for learning something new. I can guarantee that 70% of the students stepping into school feel that the reason they go to school is to get grades, which they could use to get into a good university, which would aid in them leading a good life.
Why do you think there has been a rise in the rate of suicide among students in the past years? In most cases, depressed students took the leap of faith to end their lives because they weren’t able to score a particular grade in a test. These students feared society, feared letting their parents down. They were misguided by the thought of not being able to achieve anything in life once they get a bad grade and decided to put a stop to living in this world.
Education is a form of learning, of grasping new skills, it’s a celebration of life. Don’t let society convert it to just another game of getting letters plastered on your heads. Don’t be the standard person and just follow the trend which stripped students of their lives. Be the maverick youth, and demand a change.

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