For a Habitat for Humanity Youth Build, I was the team leader in charge of organizing this event to rehabilitate a school in Chiang Mai.

Last year during summer, I had travelled to the Philippines to take on an internship in the Research and Development for Habitat for Humanity there for a total of about 3 weeks. During these weeks, I had to help my colleagues create valuable sets of data for potential sponsors of builds and help plan the Jimmy Carter Project that occurs in November on an annual basis. After my work had been completed, my seniors there offered me a chance to lead a team of my own for a build next summer (which is the summer we currently are in), but the workload to help plan and prepare for this event would be quite daunting as there would be no teachers to help or no adults to support; it would just be me contacting the HFH to organize the trip. 

As a result, I found this opportunity really enticing so I went ahead and approved this venture, but truly, the HFH people were right about one thing: planning a build is definitely long and hard work. As the leader of this event, I had to constantly email back the seniors of the Philippines division who are in charge of the Youth Builds in the Asia-Pacific region to decide what kind of build I would be planning for with this trip. One thing I did not anticipate for was the cost of the trip as originally we were going to build a house from scratch which would approximately cost 45,000 baht per individual (as for a team of 10). Thus, I had to find alternatives in order to make sure the cost was affordable for us as well as still profitable in terms of experience for the team and to society.

This experience provided various opportunities for me to grow in many aspects from being a leader to associating with the world to communicating with a team more efficiently. I am so very glad HFH has been a part of my life and I hope it continues to grow and impact the lives of others as it has on mine.

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