Let’s talk about a topic that is not so serious in the world, a topic that will give you a little joy, a topic that we can make a joke about and laugh about, a topic that could brighten your day. Because doing something similar to that is the best part of my day: making someone feel happier, feel like they have a purpose.

Sure, writing about debatable subjects and serious topics all the time can be necessary if there is a specific point we want to make or share our opinion, but it can be so draining. And in arguments and conflicts possibly the worst thing to do is to bellow out the ugliest, crudest insult or offensive comment you can think of, even if you think the other person deserves it.

How have you made a difference? Have you been involved charity work? Organizing or coordinating an event to raise money for a charity or organization that you believe deserves the support? I have, and I think the outcome is the most rewarding feeling I have experienced because I know that something I have done has made a difference to somebody. When you do something like that you put someone else’s best interests in mind, and that is an amazing quality for a person to have, because it shows selflessness and thoughtfulness. Sometimes we forget to think about other people who are not as privileged as we are, especially with how society makes us think and believe, but there are still times when we need to remind ourselves of the other people in the world – like when your parents tell you to think about “how lucky you are” – because you are, most likely, lucky.

Likewise, when I see a lack of support for an event that is supposed to help charities and organizations, it is one of the saddest parts of the day. If you are one of those people who walk past a stall or stand selling cookies or cards for charity and say (or even think) “that’s stupid, why would anyone want to buy those,” shame on you. It’s depressing that most people can overlook the importance of charity work or working for something that is not revolved around your own self. You can learn things you never thought you would before when you help someone else who you may not know as personally as one of your best friends, because you have the opportunity to step back from day-to-day life and consider what can be done strategically to help others in need. So next time you walk past someone who is trying so hard to rack up support for those in need, at least take some time to find out a little about their cause and truly consider whether you can help it, even if it is just with kind words of support, because several small changes can still make a difference.

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