As a person who’s very engaged in sports and as an athlete, I was and still am by far very excited for the commencement of the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic games. Yet, I was more excited when I found out that the first time ever Refugee team would come to existence, where 11 Refugees in which the conditions of their nations are overwhelmingly chaotic and does not provide the atmosphere where the engagement in entertainment such as sports is not recognized; and adding to such circumstances these athletes are now a matter of fact considered to be stateless and have no national team to represent.

One of these athletes is a girl who jumped in the water and swam for 3 hours in the Aegean sea to save the lives of 20 Syrian refugees who had boarded a boat that eventually stopped working when attempting to flee from war-torn Syria. She’s a girl who was previously a swimmer and now a world recognized Olympic athlete. She’s a girl known as Yusra Mardidni who’s now regarded not only as an athlete, but a hero.

Yusra and her following team mates are considered to be a beam of light in the everlasting darkness and a source of hope to a situation where hopelessness dominates every soul. They give us a living, strong example that everything is possible if you set your mind to it, regardless of the all the obstacles and the hardships you may face. And finally, they prove to every other refugee and to everyone else that they belong, that they are a part of this world as much as any one else.

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