beauty and brains

Ah! The eternal debate.

Most people argue that beauty and brains do not go together. To be truly intelligent, a woman must not be superficial or concentrate much on her looks. If she wants to be successful in an intellectual field, she mustn’t obsess over her physical appearance much.

So are you saying I can’t wear my Jimmy Choos if I ever get a job at, or get to visit the Facebook or Microsoft office?

Ever since I was  little I was deeply interested in reading, and fashion. I was the dolled up kid who used to walk around with a book in her hand at all times. Sometimes I had to choose whether I wanted to carry a little purse, or my book with me. So I said “Why not both?”   Of course, I faced a few difficulties handling both with my tiny hands, but I managed it, like an intelligent little fashionista.

As I grew up, I was told by quite a few people about how nobody would take me seriously if I talked about serious topics, with my face caked with makeup, and obsessed over a broken nail. I would be called shallow and  ‘blonde’, not intelligent and charming. I of course wanted to be called beautiful and intelligent. Sadly, these two words aren’t used together much.

As a prepubescent girl, I stopped concentrating on my looks, and concentrated on being more intelligent, as intellect was respected more. As a result, I was the nerd who sat in the front of the class, with unstyled, flat hair, terrible skin, cringeworthy clothes, and of course, the signature glasses, who aggressively raised her hand up to answer everything.

This did get me respect with some teachers as they raved about how amazing I was, and how I was the perfect student who did school work, and minded her own business. But, it lost me a lot of  friends, since I’d become boring and not so fun to hangout with. I didn’t mind it so much since I figured I was achieving my goal of being intellectual.

Soon, as I entered the lovely life of a teenager, I started to feel lonely. All the girls I knew were getting fawned over, and were becoming “beautiful”. Of course, the attention from all the boys was surreal.

I told my woes to my mother, and she offered me amazing advice that I’ve been following ever since. She told me that I shouldn’t follow what others have been doing for the past 100 years. If humans followed the same traditions and did nothing new, we wouldn’t have become the advanced generation we are today.

I can wear Prada shoes, and a Gucci bag, with Swarovski crystals, and full face makeup, and when I speak, I can be the smartest person in the room, because that’s what I am capable of.

My message is, beauty and brains do in fact, exist together. Don’t be afraid to rock that red lipstick! It doesn’t matter if it smudges your book.
So girls and boys! Put your face masks on, and let’s have a debate while we treat our faces. Smoothies on me!

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