Apparently there has not been enough antagonism against the Muslims, Arabs, or any individuals pertaining to the Middle-Eastern region entirely, which is why Charlie Hebdo’s latest cartoon contributed further to the parade of sheer and simply straight-up stupid rants.

For the unaware, Charlie Hebdo’s latest cartoon depicts Syrian refugees, in specific, one who’s picture have gone viral; of the three-year-old Syrian martyr Alan Kurdi, and portrays what could’ve been his future of being a potential “ass-groper.”

Now there are two forms of prejudice in this world, one that is while unjustified, is somewhat stemming from rational thought and series of profound logic pertaining to well-founded ideologies, and other, well as I said, just straight-up stupid.

And this shouldn’t be offensive to all those who have so sincerely sided with this entity, under the whole “Je suis Charlie Hebdo” thing. This is merely a harsh criticism of a an ideology that should have been abolished years ago. It’s not about the idea of prejudice, hatred, antagonism, or any possible bias I may withhold against this, but rather about where this is coming from.

Because if we think that we can turn deaths into our own masterpieces then there is a lot more wrong ideas in the world, and it is only rational that we expect such entities and ideas as ISIS to be sprouting and expanding. Because we are in a world where we can distort the picture of a three-year-old toddler and assume on false premises the possibility of his being. That we can so easily assume that Syrians, Arabs, or even all Muslims, could be represented by small percentages. And this is no more than the typical rant you’ve read somewhere, but what does it really say?

The cartoon doesn’t only make it more acceptable to the readers that these people are dead, but rather further antagonizes them as if their own governments taking away their homes and families wasn’t traumatizing enough. And if it is so easily and simply acceptable that we assume certain people will end up destroying societies therefore, we shall praise the fact that they’re being unjustifiably murdered, what is stopping us from doing anything else? We might as well justify the murder of any human being simply because he WOULD’VE caused harm. Because you can’t project your own concerns into the future of a human being. What if your political cartoons have the potential of causing harm? Does that mean I should be distorting the shooting incident and blatantly belittling of its tragedy because the victims COULD’VE caused harm to society? You can’t distort the dead, whether it is we that we are condemning them shamelessly of the potential harm they would’ve caused, or whether we are using them as icons of martyrdom.

You cannot use the dead, they are of the past, and you cannot use the future, because it is, presently, non-existent.
Nous ne devrions pas être Charlie Hebdo.

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