Only a few weeks back were we introduced to our new president-elect: Donald J Drumpf, the very day the Indian Prime Minister thought of stirring up an amazing scheme of Note Demonetization. For all of you unaware, this rule was passed to ban all the 500 and 1000 rupee notes in India currently circulating the market. A noble thought in the mind, it has stirred a lot of controversies and has simply disturbed the life of the common man.

India has been facing disturbing times for the past few months, first the India- Pakistan tussle, the surgical strike, religious disputes internally and now this change for the masses to deal with. A revolutionary day, when the PM decided to outlaw the high amount notes which the common man used to purchase with daily, as a counter remedy toward a country without ‘Black Money’ and deal with corruption.

The demonetization has resulted in long queues outside banks, frustration amongst the people and an added inconvenience to all. The opposition parties have found this an excuse to boost their popularity amongst the masses by providing sympathy, and I stress SYMPATHY and not EMPATHY. They feel this time to diminish the positive view of the PM and his party in the eyes of the people, claiming the scheme is a scam for the Indian Govt. to hide and recover from the major deficit in the finance of the country. Raising questions about the integrity of the public choice and adding fuel to flames to burn down the Modi Sarkar!

To all these controversies and dirty politics, are people throughout the country who have taken the initiative to help ease this transition. Chetna Gala Singh, an urban cultivated woman has developed a rural bank, which helps in distributing these notes in the rural areas. We the creative Indians who have come up with an amazing app which eases this process of exchange of notes, now the masses don’t need to stand in the line, rather just book their ‘chotu’ – helper- from This facility allows people to book their helper to stand in the bank lines whilst you complete your chores: market purchasing, household chores etc.

At these times it is important for all of us, as proud citizens of the country who have voted for their leader, who want the country to move out of the poverty struck zones and toward a country of justice, growth, prosperity, and cleanliness, to understand that all of this does not just come from sitting at homes and go to vote once in years. This is our country, our dreams, and our hopes, so all of us need to contribute to this effort, unconditionally and put in some time. Consider this to be your contribution towards the country, and a step towards bettering your life.

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