“L’existence precedes l’essence” stands as one of the most significant of infamous philosophical dictums. His theory in which a subject had to exist before it is capable of manifesting characteristics. This preceded by a well-rooted belief in the pragmatism of philosophy, can only be a rational conclusion. But the dispute is over the nature of philosophy itself. Is philosophy merely drawn into what is of the more practical of definitions to use in a controlled medium or is it “of everything;” the area of knowledge that comprises of all concepts which the all other applications manifest? On the topic of pre-existence, a conflicting view was presented by several other philosophers later, and it focused on the essential idea, that any subject had the capability of ¬†existing before it actually came to existence. Therefore, for it, the subject, to have one feature; the capability of existing, before existing, then thus, it has the capability of manifesting features, and hence, it is, with all of its consequent characteristics, existent. This essentially conflicts with Sartre, for it implies, or concluded from it, is the fact that essence, is in fact that predecessor of existence. However, the controversy over the idea of existence itself goes much deeper than the simple philosophical question presented, resultant of a mere scratch on the surface. For what defines existence? Is it whatever ACTUALLY exists? Or is it to be modified to what is perceived, what is relevant, and what is within the human scope? For we cannot identify the infinity of entities that exist beyond our scope, for they may or may not exist, which is invoked by the theory of the actuality of pre-existence that is the aforementioned philosophy of essence preceding existence. Have we evolved into a species so egocentric that we can only acknowledge the existence of what is relevant to us? Or is it philosophy that merely adapted to our needs, so it has become an area of knowledge of pragmatism, to prepare us with practical definitions to use in debates and arguments, to exist within a controlled environment that is free from uncertainty and invigorating exploration. Philosophy has always been an area of knowledge so captivating that I spent hours thinking about the little things, and the fact is, little did philosophical thinking produce anything. It merely changes our thoughts. And an essential component of it is the beauty it withholds in the uncertainty of knowing. To wander beyond with no definitive answer, and with that to wander into what may or may not exist.

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