Humans tend to complicate life here on earth. We came up with this funny concept of normal, Forgetting that these things are usually relative!

It’s a basic fact – what might be normal to you and I, will seem completely wacky to another! Therefore, to prevent ourselves from becoming bigots, we must be accepting of one another.

See the logic behind all this, is that you essentially, cannot be anyone but yourself. You are one being within one body! Every individual we inhabit this place with is their own separate being, in their own separate bodies!

So instead of coming up with ridiculous quota’s like:

You must be fair skinned to be beautiful!

One cannot and must not love someone of his or her own gender!

There is one god! Why can’t we just let it go, and agree to treat the world with love and openness? Let people be who they want to be!

It’s obnoxious really, to think that your way of being is the only way of being that is “right”. Its even more ludicrous to punish those who aren’t a spitting copy of you and your principles, and even more unbelievable, that today! All around us! People get not only emotionally bullied and told to feel ashamed as a result of this bigotry, but physically persecuted.

What right do any of us have to insinuate that one human is greater than another? Are we not all vulnerable and confused at times? Do we not all have a shred of humanity? Regardless of how we look, how we express ourselves or how we perceive the world –

Is it not blatantly obvious that one human being deserves the same kindness and respect as the other?

It is one thing to stand up for what you believe in. When you demand that everyone around you believes the same thing, act the same way and even look the same way! That’s called you – being a self-righteous clown.

Our world is constantly being shrouded with the media reporting back to us, about acts of terror, people killing other people in the name of justice.

Most stories you’ll read about in the news boil down to the fact that we simply cannot tolerate others rustling our feathers. Our feathers, which have been so immaculately groomed to look exactly the way, we want them to. The terrifying thing is, these stories we read about aren’t just stories.

People really get killed, in horrible ways! In the most current and broadcasted of horrors; Families are being killed off while trying to cross borders, being disrespected as human beings, and not shown any human kindness or empathy.

People are terrorized by their own species, simply for being the way they are! This needs to stop. It really does! Or else this world we live in will come to a point where we all look the same, sound the same, believe in the same things – and eventually, we will all die, without having learned anything new, experienced anything beautiful or moving, without having experienced anything different! We will all die, from being exactly the same.

We need diversity to thrive as a species, and we need to start embracing it!

To put it succinctly, live and let live!

Here’s a little rhyme, spelling it out in a rhythmically pleasing way:

a Susie
spelt with an i and an e
isn’t one worth talking to.
you see-
she’s not quite Normal
it doesn’t add up
she sips her tea
from the Wrong color cup!


just like Ahmed
who believes in something
Too Different
who thinks things and says things –
that are simply
Too Different


then there’s Luca!
his sense of Right and Wrong –
eaten up by the blender
this Outrageous fellow
is intimate with his own gender!


oh the Horror!
what a Shame
all this good sense
wasted, in vain


my poor, dear
haven’t you heard?
avoiding what’s Different
is down right Absurd!


this planet is getting smaller
we’re all becoming neighbors!
judging who’s taller
or shorter
or darker


or louder
or lighter
or from a different place
coming from a different race –


It makes very little sense.


See life’s a whole lot richer!
with a healthy mixture
Not to mention much more Fun!



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