You are your worst adversary and life is all about improving yourself. Self- improvement refers to the act of understanding, processing and projecting one’s highest performance to one’s surroundings and oneself. Spiritual refining is the only medium by which one can reach the maximum potential encoded in one’s genes.  As was very cleverly framed by Ralph Waldo,

“Make the most of yourself….for that is all there is of you.”

It is very important for one to liaise with others to learn more and reflect towards the inside. Communication forms an essential aspect of our social world. To improve, one has to have the ability to voice one’s opinion or suggestion. To express is taught since the primary years in school and given a lot of weightage for overall development. Via the individual voicing his/ her opinions the public can learn about the person’s inner character and understand the thought processes, and mould this naive or pungent character to a moderate and society desired personality thus helping the individual to move towards refinement.

Many yogis and Asian psychologists believe that self- reflection is an important aspect for development of one’s mind and personality. The very common key which is available to public for free is meditation which provides one with the most esoteric experience one can ever feel. This cheap yet valuable facility helps to bring all your senses, organs and metabolic processes to a state of ease, with which one can feel all the potential energy in himself/herself that is left untapped. This helps one master one’s physical and spiritual self which is an important element of self purification.

It is important for a person to showcase leadership, which means the ability to efficiently guide or direct the society or a group to a required destination. However, leadership not only refines the society but brings about accelerated positive change in an individual. By practising this inherited quality provided to all of mankind, one refines his communication, knowledge, personality and thoughts collectively. Leadership gives strength to man to direct each gear of the very well oiled society to bring a positive change, coaxing better qualities in all. It is very righteously said by Neil Armstrong,

“A small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind.”

Manipulation is a talent mankind possesses, developed better than any other species. Mankind has manipulated his entire habitat to his comfort and fancies rather than like in nature to adapt and evolve. To get what one wants mankind has yet not devised a replacement, a tool. To get what one wants one has to dispose of all the toxic feelings and qualities one has and that can only be done with the help of self purification and refining, a nature provided implement. If one can purify himself of all the human infested diseases such as ill emotions and psychological torments one can simply dream and achieve the stars. To tap one’s highest potential one must refine and purify himself and moon would not be a step away!

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