All the stories from our childhood had a principal component: the hero/heroine had sound moral ethics. That formed the core skill set of how they “triumphed over evil”. Childhood was simple – we followed the rules set by our parents and extended family. The future was also simple. We had to grow up into good people, with a profound sense of morality and sound judgment. That constituted our naïve entry into adolescence.

At first, everything was all sunshine and rainbows, until puberty hit and hit hard. Gone were ethics and sound principles. Going up the high school ladder (or any ladder for that matter) involved banishing them to kingdom come. Now while most kids would succumb to the deceiving and fickle nature of success and would throw all morals out the window, I was surprisingly quite adamant about sticking to them. In that race, my ample resources of “friends” continued diminishing. Everybody was flying high, while I stayed down on the ground, watching them “spread their wings”.

Fast forward three years, everyone (the ones who grabbed Opportunity) was someone. Everyone, of course, except me. At this point in life, I had learned the bitter truth about life. Humans may have evolved into beings of higher reasoning, but the very skeleton of human nature remained. It was always survival of the fittest. Many times that involved stooping down to levels you never thought existed. Most people would change on enlightenment, but I was different (I didn’t know if that was good or bad). I stuck to my principles, believing that something good would come out of it. I wanted to be an example: that people could achieve great things while remaining rooted in their ethics. Now I wasn’t amazing at what I did. But I was definitely above average in most of them. After a point, I became numb. As much as I craved success, I wasn’t fond of the terms and conditions that came with it. So….. I gave it up.

As the high school got over and I graduated, I tried to put it past me, looking forward to a bright future. Imagine my surprise, when I got awarded for the very same ethics over which I constantly pondered over.
After this immensely rewarding (albeit taxing) experience, I learned a very valuable lesson: on our deathbeds, when we reflect, it is much more gratifying to know that we possessed a good heart and a sound head, for it’s these very ethics that defines us and our relationships in the end.


After reading all of this you may think that I am a senior citizen speaking of her life experiences. I am not. I am a starry-eyed young adult who just graduated from high school; one who has proudly regained a renewed faith in not only her morals and ethics but also her confidence.

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