If you aren’t aware, this was the name of a 2014 film advocating gender equality. More commonly, this refers to a campaign that started appearing on my Instagram news feed, more interestingly, the pioneers, or of the people I follow, the people who more commonly advertised the campaign and voiced their supports, were models. Probably completely irrelevant though, probably millions of people out there are advocates of the movement.

So here’s a recap on how the campaign is fighting for gender equality: since males are capable of walking around topless/partially nude/their nipples aren’t censored, why should females suffer from censorship? The campaign exaggeratedly explains how both are classified as breast tissue with no significant biological disparity to make each distinct in any way. Well it all seems rational, doesn’t it? Wait, does it?

By that logic an elephant has a right to a shell as much as a tortoise has a right to a trunk, but what world would that be if elephants had shells and tortoises trunks? ¬†A pretty awesome world, that is a parallel universe that we don’t necessarily know exists, but it isn’t this world. The animal imagery and sarcasm is probably repulsive at this point which is why I urge you to continue, it’s the most fun when you admit that who you despise is right, nonetheless.

This campaign and several others that I haven’t yet been exposed to, aren’t wrong because who is to say what is wrong anyways? Free world isn’t it, well not really. But anyways, what the most significant issue is, there are campaigns all over the world fighting for equality.

Here I’ll draw a parallel because I’m more knowledgeable in the paralleled area and it’s easier for persuasion purposes. In economics, we have what is known as equitable distribution of income. It is often referred to as “equality,” but here is where the distinction arises. Now equality, is all of us having the same amount of rights, which seems legitimate for most aspects of life, (keyword: SEEMS), but the fact is, if everyone in a given country or economy were to gain the same amount of income, what would that mean? That Bill Gates and the illiterate unprivileged will gain the same income. Well that doesn’t seem very FAIR. Mostly, because it isn’t. Achieving EQUALITY means all the DIFFERENT people get the SAME income. Fairness, or what is referred to as equity, is the most fair distribution to the different people, so not everyone gets the exact same thing, mostly because not everyone deserves it, but everyone gets whats considered the most fair proportion of income in relation to their differences.

So yes, Free The Nipple achieves Gender Equality, but is that what we actually want? For all of us to have the same thing, because that’s basically communism; everyone was pretty much at an equally bad level of miserable in the Soviet Union, it isn’t fair, it doesn’t establish the ideals of feminism or Gender “Equity.” So, what I propose is this, I do not know if female nipples should be censored but what I do know is, male nipples and female nipples aren’t the same thing, because if the measure of same things was them being biologically similar then an elephant is the same as a tortoise after all. We shouldn’t treat different things the same; we shouldn’t be advocates of inequity.

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