The lost and confused ones of this world have a lot to be afraid of. They fear pain because they know exactly what pain will make them do. This is the life of an addict. Drug addicts live with the struggle of withdrawal, and along with it comes pain and guilt. The life of needles is a difficult battle that not many people in society can sympathize with. This is exactly why we need to incorporate drug addicts in the society rather than throwing them in a building away from the so called “normal people”  Drug addicts should not be called addicts, because their prime addiction is simply satisfaction at a level way too high to maintain in the society that we accept. Take a young boy for example. He grows up in a poverty stricken country raised only by his mother who later leaves him all alone at the age of 16. The boy then scours the poverty stricken streets of his neighborhood for money, help, work or anything else to take his mind off of the fact that he is left alone. In the world that that young boy lives in, where do you think he is most likely to end up? Why can’t society accept the man with the needle marks on his arms?

These types of situations happen everyday. Drug addicts are usually born into a dark path that they never intended to enter but find themselves living the life they feared. Drug addiction in less developed nations is a growing issue and it is not being handled. Greece’s economic crisis has been becoming worse for quite some time now, but they have entered a crisis so deep that the population has had to find new and cheaper ways of handling it. 40% of the population’s income is being taken away. After 6 years of recession in Greece, the country is overflowing with addicts. This supports the evidence that the environment around us is what raises a drug addicted population. Once you are labeled as being an addict, anything you say in the contrary will be considered denial. Modern Society shouldn’t be repulsed by drug addicts, rather they should be curious as to what drove them into that path, and what kind of help do they seek. The stigma surrounding addiction is creating a force field that separates addicts from the rest of the world. If we let addicts be a part of society and let their voice be heard rather than ignored, we could perhaps end this silent taboo. Hopefully one day we could look at a group of former heroin addicted men and women and see them turn their addiction into growth. They will become who they were initially seeking to become in the first place.

Drug Abuse among teenagers has only grown as the years pass by. The reason why is rather obvious in some cases. Every day, 2.500 youth (12-17) use prescription pain relievers for the first time. This horrid statistic only adds to the evidence that society is not dealing with this issue in the most morally intelligent way. Prescription drugs, one of the top killer narcotics in the world are prescribed to teenagers who already have enough pain to deal with. When you’re a teenager, society tends to view you as inexperienced, ignorant, and naive. In most cases if not all, this is true. The problem is that schools and rehabilitation programs don’t attend the root cause of the teen’s confusion. Yes, the root cause is not addiction- it is confusion. The children of this generation are the most important. We are hope for the future but we are the ones who need the most guidance. When dealing with common struggles such as existential and identity crises, teenagers often fall into a painful world where they don’t know how to continue. Some don’t continue. Some turn to drugs or violence as a way to kill the pain or find out why the pain hasn’t killed them yet. The sad truth that humanity eventually deals with is that the world is difficult to endure. When you’re a 17 year old highschool student, you’re guided only by your curiosity and your only fear is turning into who you hate. I consider this to be the hardest war in history and the center of it all is an  addiction to relief. We all seek relief or perfect satisfaction of some sort and even though it is not completely possible, our mind automatically sets this goal for us. The teenager inside all of us is yelling out the big question; Who am i and What should i do? But no one seems to be listening.


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