Over the past decade, the modern world has gone through a social media “boom”. What do I mean? Well, as a matter of fact, social media has grown to such dimensions that it has been able to control our lives and move masses in a matter of seconds.

Consider last weekend’s VMAs as an example. I was being a responsible person that day and rather than watching the award show, I studied for the diverse number of things I had for the following days. Nevertheless, while I was studying, I had my phone next to me, you know, in case of an ’emergency’. I decided to check my Twitter newsfeed for a moment because over the next ten minutes, there could be a hundred new posts, and in a matter of three tweets I was able to update myself with everything that was happening at the VMAs so far. From the red carpet, to Kanye announcing his presidential candidacy for 2020, everything I needed to know in order to keep studying for the next ten minutes was covered in three tweets.

Now, I know that I am taking one of the biggest events in the music industry of the year as an example, but in every scenario, something as innocent as a picture of a dress can divide masses… Is it black and blue or white and gold?

The use of newspapers (either physical or online) has declined immensely due to the efficiency of apps like Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and even Snapchat, that transmit the same message in less than 140 characters or with just a picture. I myself do like to go to newspaper apps, but even then I use the Buzzfeed News app, instead of the well-known New York Times or the Washington Post.

Hashtags are now defining history. #lovewins, #blacklivesmatter, #heforshe, and #womenon20s are just a few of the many hashtags that we see every day. Is this constant and sometimes excessive use of social media harmful for us?

In a sense, it is. Anything excessive is harmful in one way or another. The thing is, how harmful can it be? If social media lets us connect with the world and know what is happening in another continent, why criticize it?

We live in a new generation. A generation where social media is the key to globalization and social understanding. What was once the revolutionary radio, television, and computer, is now the thousands of applications in our smartphones. Anyone can get it, anyone can use it, and all get obsessed with it. And maybe, in the near future, there will be another new technology and virtual world that consumes us. The ones who were considered people with “no lives” because of the technological influence in their lives, will be the ones criticizing that new generation.

But that is too much for us, right?


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