How wasn’t he crying?
He stayed there on that orange chair, gazing at his bloody hands, and still not a single tear.
He sat while dust and blood covered him from top to bottom.
He could see his city, his building, his people collapsing; one after the other.
Was he not crying because he was shocked to death that he wasn’t able to express himself, or was he trying to make a blunt statement?
A statement which didn’t need to be said nor told, but a statement that is viewed instead.
A statement so loud and so horrific, that made the whole world cry.
They didn’t only cry tears, they cried for where inhuman the world has become.
How a still blooming child who knows nothing about cruelty and brutality the world around him can get.
A 7 year old who had experienced an accident that will mentally haunt him for the rest of his life. But still he did not cry about it, but he doesn’t need to because he isn’t the one recalled as the helpless who don’t give any importance to people like him and are drowning in our own bubble only drawing importance just to ourselves and forgetting
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