This is for all the awkward silences and “third-wheeling” moments. For all the high-school couples who are planning their wedding or are insanely nihilistic.

What does it really all mean. Not taking any sides, but seriously, a human relationship when you’re so tentatively volatile and incapable of understanding yourself and your meaning in life? Because it isn’t confusing enough, so let’s add another variable to the non-existent equation?

Love and relationships are absolutely different aspects here. The feeling and the actual relationship are as disparate in this consideration as the sea and the sky. Sure, they have the same color and reflect one another, but that doesn’t make them one and the same.

Depressing thing is how people think they’re mature enough, well because their self-acclaimed maturity is evidence enough of their um maturity? Apparently everyone is the one-in-a-million stable romantic relationship that turns into a successful marriage.

Like let’s not even consider marriages; the epitome of a system of failure.

Like any rising idea of independence, I have grown to believe relationships are an absolute waste of meaning, space, energy, and emotion.

It may not only be draining, exhausting, and consuming of time, it also amounts to absolutely nothing.

If your relationships are based on the premise of being absolutely temporary and nothing but that, it would be mean you’re practical and rational enough to understand that any relationship even a friendship is doomed to the inevitable course of natural deterioration like pretty much everything that exists in the world, including the world. However, if it is based on the premise of eternal love and a marriage, it would mean you’re naive enough to look so far into a clouded future and predict that it will most definitely not rain, in other words, idiotic.

But on the other hand, the ephemeral amounts to nothing, it is a repetitive process of no achievable aim, and therefore, by definition, aimless. It may be for the neurotic and adventurous, but there isn’t much adventure without an endpoint of accumulated moments, and eventually with repeated adventures, the flavors will be so indistinguishable because your taste buds will be worn out. And for the future-based relationships, it is very unlikely, and if likely, means that the boredom and gaps that widen in any relationship will happen even earlier than ones in a 30-year-old marriage, which means you’ll spend more time miserable and simply afraid of stepping out of the familiarity than the time spent enjoying the first couple of months, years, or how long the “honeymoon phase” is, depending on the intensity of emotion.

And this is merely mathematical. And while it is a rational display of both scenarios and both arguments, being alone while it does create a self-comfort and independence that is essential for every human being, happens to go against the natural instinct and the fear of loneliness. And for reasons I may never understand, this will remain an open aspect, endlessly filled with generalizations and assumptions, that people will pick and choose from but may never definitively know how right they are in their choices.

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