The first documented gay rights organization in America was started in 1924. You would think if it started so long ago, we would be farther along in equality of LGBTQ persons. We are not. Sure we have Pride parades and we have people like Ellen Degeneres and Neil Patrick Harris who are openly gay and don’t care what other people think, but it is still a struggle.
Gay partners cannot marry in 23 states in America and gay marriage is still illegal in 79 countries.I personally don’t care if you don’t approve of gay marriage, but keep it to yourself because stopping people from marrying just because of gender is just not right.
It is like saying “I don’t like pizza so no one can have pizza.” A life without pizza is truthfully terrible and a life without getting to love your partner publicly is even more terrible.
Love isn’t about gender. If you had a son and a daughter, would you love one more just because of their gender?
Now, the religious argument is used frequently in anti-gay rights. People say “It’s in the Bible,” but you see, the Bible has been interpreted so many times who even knows what it really says. People can take it so many different ways and if we can’t get on the same page then everyone will have conflicting ideas.
In a perfect world everyone would have equal rights. This isn’t a perfect world , but we are certainly improving and I don’t think anyone should give up hope. Just recently the Republic of Ireland legalized gay marriage by popular vote. Every gay member of Ireland can now get married. America is working on getting the whole country to legalize gay marriage; 37 states out of 50, that’s not bad. Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, and many other countries have legalized gay marriage. We are making improvements every day.

We just have to keep working on it and maybe one day the whole world will have legalized gay marriage, even if that’s not fully realistic.


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