A growing problem not only in India but all over the globe, students are more stressed than ever. In fact, India has one of the highest rate of suicides among people aged between 15 and 29. Although the reasons are myriad, but failure in examination, unemployment, and depression are some the reasons why people put their life at risk.

A common cause of concern is the pressure from parents to do well in the class XII board exams. There have been many incidents in the past where students have committed suicide during exams, and on result day. Psychologists suggest that students suffer from anxiety, and traumatic disorder relating to fear of examination. The fear factor is the reason why students suffer from anxiety, depression, and the following consequences. And the fear not only comes from the school, but also from parents, who go to extreme levels to push their children into getting better grades.

Time and time again many complaints have been made against the Indian education system which is more inclined towards memorization and takes long systematic study hours. Leaving less time for recreational activities, and socialization which is an essential part of the development of a child.

The emphasis is so much so on the better grades, that students forget the fun element in learning. Anything can be made interesting if taught well, so it’s not only the students who under perform, teachers under perform too. Sadly, there’s no criteria to judge the grades of a teacher. More than 50% 12th students admitted of having more than 3 private tutors.

With starting of boards examination, what every parents should know is. It’s just an exam, not the end of the world. The success of someone lies in what they chose to do with their resources, and the actions they take, and not on the grades.

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