A first-hand experience with bullying, highly influenced by Shane Koyczan’s To This Day.

Despite 15 friendship and 25 compliments she still feels invisible.

She still feels as if the comments she was getting in sixth grade still flow to her every day

One friend doesn’t respond to her text message, and suddenly she remembers the words “nobody likes you”.

In a lightning flash she goes from 18 to 12 when her hair was too frizzy to be stylish and her teeth were too crooked for the clique boundaries and she remembers “you’re not good enough”.

Suddenly she doesn’t have any friends,

She stands alone,

But she’s told to believe,


But who can blame you?

What happened to us in the past shapes our minds in the future.

You’re intelligent, you’re brilliant but you’re among the unlucky few – no, unlucky many – who were bullied.

But how can we blame them? They were just kids.

Kids who would tear us to shreds and rip us apart but it was only the start because what they would would stay in our heads forever.

But trust me, it’s all in your head.

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