Why is it each and every day of this year, 2015 I have heard, read or seen in the news that innocent people are being displaced from their homes? Why is it that a war-torn country can’t seem to find peace? Why does it take such a tragedy of a 6-year-old Syrian boy to be found dead by a police officer to spark an outcry for help?

Today’s world is becoming more and more indulged in its materialistic view rather than what’s really having an impact on the world. The death toll just keeps rising, numbers keep increasing. Right now it’s known that 1750 migrants have perished in the Mediterranean Sea attempting to make the cross from their homelands to Europe and 350,00 have arrived so far.

Most migrants are usually left unemployed and as a result, some of the 3,358 children that have arrived since the start of the year are left to fend for themselves. Migration is a growing issue and with the growing number selfish nations, unable to assist those struggling there is nowhere to place those desperate for a home.

War is just a word. What a dreadful outcome it holds beyond it. We see no future with everyone being so angry. The question is why is everyone so angry? Can there not be a day of peace?

One question I urge you all to answer is why? Why can’t there be any peace in the world?

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