The line between culture and controversy is thin, especially where I come from. If a girl is raped in the dead of the night and left to die on the side of the road, it takes an endless number of debates and questioning to get justice. However, if 4 comedians host a show involving insults targeting several topics and people all in the name of good fun, their jobs and general welfare are threatened within three days?
Yes, I’m talking about the AIB Knockout, which seems to have taken India by storm. It just seems so old-fashioned to threaten to arrest comedians for…being funny. Besides, they raised 40 lakhs to donate to separate charities, which is more than the government has done in quite a while. If we took everyone in the country into account while deciding what offends them and what doesn’t, we’d have no entertainment at all! I think the entire country needs to relax and not get so easily offended. Personally, I applaud these artists for daring to push the rather heavy limits on what is socially accepted and I think it’s about time India needed some liberalisation. Just like how we at Maverick Youth stand for the voice of the youth, AIB stands for the voice of Indian youth, trying to widen the horizon of entertainment. No matter how many obstacles they face, I wish them unending hope and support.

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