In today’s world change is still constant and ever present. As the new generation of young adults, we are expected to keep evolving and moving forward. The expectation to understand and act on so many world issues is the burning torch we must carry. It has been bestowed upon us; the youth, the task to deal with the consequences of actions that took place before our time. How can we prepare for the uncertainties that our future holds is key to proactively conveying ideas, possible solutions, and most importantly to build a better future for generations to come.

The pressure for competitiveness among ourselves and the growing awareness of global issues is part of growing up in a society so closely connected by social media as a result of globalization. Issues such as human rights, woman’s equality, education, political corruption, global warming and how to bring awareness to these matters in order to create viable solutions. These are all part of the important issues we are expected to anticipate and act upon. The burden is real and the solution, or at least, the initiative to encourage change can be easier than we think.

Utilizing the same venues that put such pressure on us, such as social media, is the first step to discuss openly the issues that affect us today in order to bring awareness and create possible solutions in a proactive way. Journalism and blog sites such as Maverick Youth, all provide an important platform that gives us the ability to connect and reach out to audiences that otherwise could not be possible to reach. It opens a line of communication that transcends gender, race, cultural differences, religious beliefs, and political affiliations. It empowers us to discuss openly and connect the global community in a unified manner.

We are a generation like no other, that is vastly informed and have the ability to connect globally. This gives us the ability to grow outside our own views and expectations. It provides us the ability to learn and educate others along the way. Regardless of travel exposure, it makes us culturally aware and easily connected to others around the world. By exploring, expanding, and becoming more open minded, we have the ability to make a change at a global level. It is up to us on how we utilize the resources that are available and how to work together to bring the change we need to see.

Here at Maverick Youth, we take pride in bringing awareness to world issues in a fair and unbiased way. Serving as a venue to empower youth around the globe to present pressing issues in a responsible way while promoting healthy debates amongst our youth from around the globe. Debates that brings new ideas and different point of views and therefore, encouraging change and a long lasting impact. Let us continue to promote youth participation and involvement in our communities. Let us continue to learn and grow together. Let us be proud of who we are as we celebrate our first anniversary. Keeping in mind the words of Victor Hugo when he said: “Change your opinions, keep to your principles, change your leaves, keep intact your roots.”

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