‘Vaccinations’ is a complex topic to discuss. Before I started my research I believed that all vaccines were a good thing since I live overseas and certain precautions are necessary to take in order to stay healthy. When I started surfing the internet for information about vaccinations, I found the government website that talks about how vaccinations helped protect children, and illustrates who should not take certain vaccines. This information can be viewed at . I could not help but wonder if it is such a good thing, why are there so many advocate groups that oppose certain vaccinations?

I started researching links on autism and vaccinations. In the CDC- concerns about autism – and vaccine safety, it states that it has not been proven a link between autism and vaccination, and the IOM (Institute of Medicine), stated that there was only casual evidence that Thimerosal ( a preservative found in some vaccines) can be casually linked to autism. Every information I was able to find in any government related website concludes that vaccinations are good and justifiable to administer in the United States.
After looking at different government links regarding vaccination and the possible side effects and links to autism, l decided to look in different .org websites to find information from the other side of the spectrum, that is, parents, some doctors, and professionals in the field of medicine. The findings are alarming.

The difference between the number of cases of children with autism in the United States in 1970 and present time is significant. In 2007 the Center for Disease Control’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network released information showing the cases of autism had grown to 66 per 10,000 or 1 in 150, an increase of more than 6,000% from the original study in the 1970’s. In 2012, the CDC stated that 1 in every 88 children suffers from autism in the United States. These are numbers that cannot be ignore.

In the Autism-vaccination awareness (network of Canada), there is a case about a perfectly health baby girl, a US citizen that got two shots in the US. Six days later she was admitted to hospital with seizures. She was let out a month later and she had a “diagnosis, post-compensation, which is a pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), a condition recognized by the US CDC since the 1990s or earlier as one of the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).” When she was 10 and went to court, “even more damning was the 2007 ruling of the US Vaccine Court that MMR vaccine was the proven cause of PDD-NOS in the then-ten-year-old Bailey Banks.” Another case I quote from the Autism Vaccination Risk Awareness Network, “Such flagrant denial of the causal relationship between vaccines and autism was publicly demonstrated by the Hannah Polling case. A 2008 Health and Human Services (HHS) report which was leaked to the press conceded that Hannah’s encephalopathy and subsequent developmental regression was triggered by injection of multiple vaccines. However, the report studiously avoided naming her condition “autism” – instead, she was said to have “autism-like symptoms”.” This is only one of the many cases know of hard evidence regarding vaccination and links to autism in some children.

Looking at the numbers it is clear that the United States of America has the highest and most aggressive mandated numbers of vaccines for children under 5 in the world. The number of vaccines required in the US is 36, double the Western world average of 18. The United Sates has also the highest autism rate in the world, 1 in 88 children. This numbers gives, to say the least, credibility to the theory that the U.S. Vaccine schedule is somewhat related to the high prevalence of autism in the United States.

My personal view has been affected by this information, vaccines are important, however, the government should not force a parent to vaccinate their infant. Information and facts should be given to the parent and parents should be able to make an educated choice for their children. They must also try to come up with ways to make sure a kid is able to take a certain vaccine. Educating yourself is the best way ensure the best decision is made taking into consideration the risk and benefits that are in every shot mandated by our Government.

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