Mother Earth, the wildlife, flora, fauna, universe: there are so many names nature is known by. What is nature? Nature is a phenomena of the physical world collectively which includes of Earth products; not humans or human creations. As we all know, one of the most prevalent fears in the world is the extinction of the Earth.

According to the scientists from Life Science, it is estimated that Earth can sustain life for about 1.75 to 3.2 billion more years. Now this number was calculated despite the consideration towards the most prevailing issue: overpopulation. Nevertheless, the Earth, or shall I say nature, is constantly trying to extend her life as far as possible by attempting to control overpopulation all by herself. How, you may wonder? Well, nature is in a constant effort to control the Earth’s population by stimulating natural disasters, developing epidemic diseases and climate change.

Firstly, one of the most devastating causes of deaths is unexpected natural disasters. Every year, more than 250,000 people die as a result of natural disasters.This is a number that is far too large to be ignored. Why are so many people dying because of nature? The answer is: to control the population so that Earth can sustain life longer. Interestingly enough, the countries that are constantly the most affected by natural disasters are the most populous countries: China, India, USA, and Indonesia. The Earth is targeting disasters in places that hurt her the most.

Continuing with causing deaths in millions through natural disasters, another tactic the Earth executes to control overpopulation is creating epidemic diseases that spread as quick as gunpowder. In a more recent matter, one of the highest death-causing diseases is AIDS which has caused the death of more 35 million people. This number is gargantuan, but to think about it, the deaths of those 35 million people have caused more resources for more individuals. Now, I understand that you as a reader might think: that’s millions of people dead, Karina. What are you trying to get out of this?

Truth to be told is, I’m am declaring that as frustrated as we humans might be because of so many outbreaks like Ebola and Zika, we need to understand that nature is creating these for a purpose: to maintain balance. As of 2017, there are 7 billion people and the Earth is simply not able to hold us all. Through all of these outbreaks, the Earth is attempting to maintain a balance.

To be continued, a third tactic the Earth uses in this war to survive is climate change. In 2016 alone, the first six months broke a multitude of (temperature) records in history. As a result, the Arctic polar caps started melting at an expeditious pace which will cause the land to one day be underwater. The Earth is doing this to warn us: giving us one more peaceful chance to stop hurting her and start respecting the universe. Climate change is admonishing us to get our act together before she eradicates our bed as a whole.

As a final conclusion, humans live on territory that belongs to nature, and instead of respecting that, we find ways to destroy our home. Earth is trying to lengthen her life span by creating issues that reduce overpopulation. The first way nature maintains the human population is through natural disasters. 250,000 people die every year due to natural disasters. Secondly, overpopulation is also controlled by epidemic diseases. Diseases like as HIV, Ebola and Zika occur naturally to cause deaths and maintain balance. Furthermore, climate change is the third stimulant to remind us that we must do something to help the Earth survive. Unless we support the Earth’s war against overpopulation, the Earth is only going to continue to bring upon more challenges for the human race. We have the responsibility of declaring whether the human race will continue tomorrow.


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