A literary & photographic interpretation of my trip to New York City.

(Some of the photos were edited for more artistic visual interest.)

photo 1

Coming from Cairo, Egypt, this trip included a really long flight, and it being practically my first flight, 11 hours was a difficult first impression on flying, but when we landed, it was the greatest feeling.

photo 2

I arrived to the city at sunset. As we drove into our hotel in Manhattan I was experiencing the most prepossessing skyline I had ever seen. Across the river we could see the Empire State Building, which I had anticipated seeing a thousand times before.

photo 3&4

Admittedly, we did stay at a beautiful hotel, but we weren’t to spend a lot of time there since we were sightseeing for the whole trip. It was then time for a delicious Waldorf pizza dinner, and a good sleep before the days of sightseeing ahead of us.

photo 5

The next day, a beautiful Saturday morning, we headed to Macy’s for some necessary shopping.

photo 6

The family spent some time playing with the big piano in the kids section.

photo 7

Then we headed to the MoMA for a culturally enriching experience. One of the galleries I was most concerned with seeing was Claude Monet’s Water Lillies, and yes, they were very beautiful in person.

photo 8

There were some other beautiful minimalistic and abstract pieces. I wish I had more time to spend at the MoMA. It definitely deserves a whole day.

photo 9

We then headed to dinner at the all famous food truck; the Halal Guys. The chicken we ate there was better than any chicken I ever tasted at home. As it got more cloudy at night, waiting for our food in the long line of the food truck, we observed a classic New York sight; a skyscraper breaking into the clouds above.

photo 10

The next day, we headed to Times Square, which was indeed my dream to visit for a while. It was a really pretty warm rainy day, so after a couple of pictures, we seeked  refuge in the Hard Rock Cafe for a nice lunch, and bought a couple of souvenirs.

photo 11

It really felt like night inside the restaurant, even though it was only 2PM.

photo 12

We came back out to a lovely bright sun that shone over Times Square, and shopped around in the stores there.

photo 13

After some shopping we bid farewell to Times Square and walked to Rockefeller Center. We were planning on going to the Top of the Rock observation deck, but it was a cloudy day and we wouldn’t have really seen anything so we called it off. We did get to see the inside of Rockefeller Center though, and I kinda hoped I booked tickets to watch jimmy Fallon live. While walking back to our hotel, where we devoured an exquisite seafood dinner, we spotted Radio City Music Hall.

photo 1

We had to stop at Barnes and Noble to grab a couple of reads, and BestBuy for a new camera to more conveniently capture more of my grateful enjoyable moments.

photo 1

The next morning it was time to leave. I was definitely dreading leaving but even up until the last moments I spent there, I was admiring the shops and streets, my eyes were wide open as I took it all in. I will never forget the city; the opportunities, the colors, even the feeling of the subway shaking the floor.

Till the next time, New York.

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