In recent years, the feminist movement has really been integrated into pop culture; it has become a mainstream trend. Today, being a feminist is about instagram bios and cool clothes, the important thing is for everyone to know that you call yourself a feminist. I would argue that feminism being a trend has mostly hindered its goals but it might have a silver lining. On one hand, feminism being the hottest trend means that open sexism is disappearing, more celebrities are endorsing feminism, new shows have been made with a feminist ideology in mind, think ‘Girlboss’ or even ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, headlines detailing what rape victims were wearing on the night of the crime or rating Oscar nominees by their breasts are being attacked rapidly, which is a positive aspect since those headlines should have never made it in the first place. However, many people think that this means that the feminist movement is getting rid of inequality as a whole, which its not, the only shift that has taken place is that inequality has gone from being obvious to being hidden. Feminism cannot coexist with another hierarchal structure, feminism in itself is the abolishment of a hierarchy, but it’s apparent that feminism is happening alongside other oppressive ideologies that promote hierarchies such as capitalism. Feminist culture is consumerist culture, companies are cashing in on the trend, as seen with Dior’s ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ T-shirt that was sold for $700. The idea is that intersectional feminism, in this case, between gender and class, has failed, because the trendy ’empowerment’ of some women has resulted in the oppression of others. The problem with feminism becoming a trend is that when it really does become mainstream and people start to think that the problem is gone, it becomes that much harder to really fight the problem (inequality), because the first step to actually solving a problem is to acknowledge that you have one, and when this empty consumerist version of feminism becomes mainstream, it creates an illusion that the problem has been solved.

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