Curled up on a side of the couch, I was on the verge of sleep, flipping the pages of one of my books, attempting to make sense of what I was reading before my eyes wind down. I came across an article that  described a project by a scientist who was experimenting with artificial intelligence. He claimed that he could create robots with  emotions. He said that since people were becoming more and more dependent on technology,  robots will one day prevail in their lives. So, why not add emotions to those man-made creations since they’ve got to spend time with us?
Skipping most of my physics class and having zero interest in robotics, I had absolutely no idea how this was even possible. I knew nothing about those fields and when I tried to scientifically and logically mull it over, it was in vain. I passed through some scenes in my life and tried to imagine them taking place in the company of a robot.
All the dialogues in my head were clunky, whether I was trying to imagine a robot looking me in the eyes or bringing me back to reality when I was stuck on a cloud in a parallel world. I tried to imagine a robot clutching my palms tightly as I was standing in a cold and sinister corridor while a doctor was delivering bad news. All of it didn’t feel real.
I couldn’t imagine a robot laughing at my desperate attempts to turn my spaghetti strands into a bundle and put it in my mouth all at once as sauce dripped over my satin dress. Could the presence of such man-made creations make up for human emotions and feelings? Would they replace the warm cuddles on frosty nights, or replace handshakes, or laughs. Could they feel sad after a horrific incident, or  safe?
I do not only mean replacing them physically, but also replacing the emotional presence. That feeling of true connection with someone. I would want to feel that kind of connection coursing through my blood. I would like to feel it lulling my chaotic mind. I would like to feel it hushing my mind and slowing my pulse, possessing every inch of my soul and leaving me breathless.
 I realized however, that some people who act indifferently towards eachother are not exempted from being emotionless robots. The ones who can not empathise. Aren’t these individuals living like robots in some sense?
My point is that I would choose the non-fabricated relations.The ones that don’t need equations nor fractions or algorithm to have them ramble with me in the massive universe. To wander with me into my own wondrous thoughts and daydreams. To be happy while sharing the most trivial details and to have conversations which grow brighter as the Earth lurches away from the Sun. To have a look fill in the blanks when words fade and fail us. And to know that it is our vulnerability that makes us human, that makes us beautiful.
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