It’s  quite despairing, or rather shocking that humans now a days regard the life of another human being as something worthless; something that holds no value. This sentence comes to action when we see that another bomb has been propped, killing a total of 25 human beings in a Cathedral this morning in Egypt. Until this moment, we don’t know who’s responsible for such morbid action neither do we no the motive behind it. Regardless, no justifications nor “rightful means” can justify the action of killing someone. Someone who is innocent, and taking his or her life cannot just serve as a simple statement to deliver a further message. Someone who’s right to live is as equally to his murder. Someone who’s life means the world to someone else, and taking his, means that your taking away the life of someone else too.

Egyptians now are taking the controversy of death so passively, its like they’re accustomed to expect the death of human beings every now and then. They are now habituated of looking at the bigger picture as the problem; scrutinizing that the placement of the bomb is the problem that will lead to future problems, and forgetting that the death of these innocent civilians is the most crucial part of it. Its something I cannot and will not stand. Because I was privileged in receiving an education that taught me that people’s lives matter, and that’s the ideology we need to work on  spreading in Egypt these days in order to bring an end to the series of bloodshed and brutality that Egypt’s been witnessing.

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