Every doggerel poet, whom I listened to with loathing, had at least one astonishingly heart-stirring stanza.

Every idiot I met, had at least one stupendous opinion.

Every great movie had at least one cliché shot.

Every potato chips packet had at least a stale one.

There is nothing absolutely good or absolutely bad. Heads and tails often coexist.

I have always hoped that I would be able to cherish life with all its mishmash. To recognize its ugly side and realize they are not simply ugly. The idea of reaching a balance has always haunted me.

Just like that bag of chips, there are intangible things that are not clearly definable as good or bad; those bouts of melancholy that come over us, end up being filled with propitious results. The frenzy periods of opaque events that weigh our shoulders onerously, end up brightening up our road with some bewildering oomph. The recurring sleepless nights, when we lie in bed with our eyes wide open, waiting for the soothing blankets of sleep and relief to shroud us and it’s always not before the wee hours of the morning when the blackness of slumber settles in, those nights definitely bear an extraordinary sparks.

When it comes to motivation and motivational speeches, I am a complete dim bulb, but all I know for sure is that you can weather the storm, when you embrace change, conquer fear and choose to see things through the lens of an avid explorer.  It’s because ups and downs always find their way to harmonize, to create a melodious symphony that spellbinds us.

“My point is, life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The pina and the colada.”


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