I am in shock, and the world is in shock too. Politicians, reviewers, and news anchors are left confused; not knowing how to classify these actions that are taking place. Four cities who lie within Islamic countries, containing a wide majority of Muslims, have been bombed, massacred and left in misery and grief. Whether Istanbul, Baghdad, Dhaka or Madina, these cities suffered traumatic acts of what is identified as so called “terrorism” throughout the course of the past month, reaching a death of 250+ innocent pupils. Ironically, the contemporary violent actions took place in the holy month of Ramadan, which is when all Muslims dedicate most of their time spiritually, striving to spread mercy and peace throughout their communities. In addition to that, Ramadan is a holy month where bloodshed and warfare is not permitted, unless being attacked. So now, we begin to question, how could these four Islamic cities were bombed in the holy month of Ramadan, and how could these homicidal actions claim to be committed to “terrorist” groups such as the so called “Isis” that are shaded and claimed to speak on behalf of the Islamic religion?

It is proven everyday that terrorism does not define Islam, nor does it have any relation to it. Nonetheless, terrorism doesn’t define any kind nor sort of religion. Religions, most specifically Islam, always and still remains a religion that encourages peace as it aims to spread it and strongly prohibits the spreading of bloodshed and violence. Nonetheless, it is proven everyday that terrorism is a concept, created by entities who attempt to draw a false image that represents Islam negatively in order to create chaos and a separation between the ethnicities, and to misguide people by making the people deduce false speculations which makes them create the “terror” themselves.

However, there’s still a question that seems to just irritate me. Where is the media, where are the people, and who should be spreading this horrifying news. Where are the Twitter and Instagram posts? Where are the CNN and BBC coverages and where are the #prayfor hashtags. Why isn’t my Facebook profile picture changing? And most importantly, why isn’t this heartbreaking news going viral as it did when it happened in Belgium or France? Are these victims less valuable in comparison to the others? Or is their bloodshed meaningless? Don’t they have families that deserve the world to stand with them and to gain our condolences, or do they get to grief in silence all alone? Is it maybe because these cities are less privileged or less important so they aren’t recognized, or is humanity in danger that they get to classify which blood deserves grief and which doesn’t?

Now, we’ve been put in a situation where we do not only have to #prayforbaghdad or #prayformadina, we’ve reached the point that we should all #prayforhumanity. Pray for humanity that decides that some blood is worth mourning for and some does not. Pray for humanity and those humans who have the ability and the heart to kill thousands of innocent individuals just to portray a picture depicting misconceptions of Islam and enjoy the spreading of terror and violence. Pray for humanity that is ignorant and still believes that terrorism has any ties with Islam after witnessing what is happening around them, and remains arrogant to just see the truth. And most importantly, pray for humanity to be restored, once again.

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