The act of ‘procrastination’

Obviously the only 15 letter word known to teenkind

The only 15 letter word unused by the SAT

It plagues just about all of us

For some, a little too much

For others, purportedly too less

The latter, in dire need of a polygraph

Nonetheless, it diverts us


Too many distractions in the periphery

Is this what being liberated means?

Being free to the point we’ve become aimless

Facebook, google, gaming, gmail…

All directions seem tempting

Except the right one

Except the most exacting

Except the one lurking behind the backs of every head

Except the one that whispers after every wrongdoing

The one that eats away more and more with each passing day

The one sonorous on the day of repentance

The day we all fear

Yet neglect, by choice

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