I’ve been debating whether or not to post an article about the events that occurred or not in Paris on Friday, but I decided to post my thoughts on the issue. Obviously what happened on Friday was an absolute tragedy and we lost 127 lives that can never be replaced and deserved to be mourned.  Every single relative and friend who lost a loved one has my deepest condolences, including those who were victims in these attacks.
But we are not simply mourning with the world’s reactions to these events. Hosting memorial sessions all over the world and creating global campaigns (such as Facebook’s) to commemorate the victims of terrorist attacks on the west and not those of terrorist attacks that happen much more frequently in other countries shows a very western-centralised view towards the global issue of terrorism, as it basically implies that the world should care more about the lives and injuries of people in western countries. By having 24/7 news stories on this event and others that occur in western countries or to western people (such as the Charlie Hedbo attacks and the attack on hotels in Tunisia filled with mainly western tourists) and then very little news, if any mention at all, when these attacks happen in other countries (such as the attack in Beirut on Thursday which killed 43 and injured 200 and the countless other terror attacks that happen in places like Syria, Palestine and Israel amongst many other countries in the world almost every day), we only increasingly support this western-centralised view.
Not only does our massive focus on Friday’s events and global campaigns that accompany them show this western-centralised view of the world, but it also does exactly what the terrorists wanted these attacks to do. They wanted these attacks to be broadcast on a global scale to scare people, to make people look for someone to blame, to make western society alienate refugees and Muslims even more than it already does, in order to drive them further away from our communities and closer to theirs. And all of these things have happened after these attacks took place.
So I say don’t create a global campaign whenever one of these terrorist attacks take place. We should have a few news stories on it (rather than 24/7 news coverage on the event) so people can mourn the deaths of the people who have died but no more. We should simply ignore these attacks as they are just cowardly acts of evil that don’t deserve any sort of recognition, but recognise the beauty of the lives of the victims before they were lost.
And make sure when an event like Friday happens again, you don’t look for anyone to blame other than the terrorists themselves and you don’t just #‎PrayForParis but instead #‎PrayForTheWorld.

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