“Trying to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”

If you have ever failed at trying to fit in at school or college without losing your individuality, then you are not alone. Personally, I have faced this struggle as well. The introductory quote is something which you can always repeat to yourself if you have ever been in such a situation. Even though it might be the cheesiest quote in the book, you’d be better off with that in your mind. It is always the simple things, like a cliché quote, that help you in the long run.

As if pubescent mood swings and the idea of growing up aren’t enough, we also have to deal with various other external pressures. You may not be the smartest, strongest, most successful or prettiest teen out there, but you must learn to be content with yourself, for no one likes a wannabe. If a person you grudgingly admire or utterly despise is more successful than you are, then remember to pat yourself on the back and say this to yourself, “He/she neither controls nor sets standards for my life”.

And if that seems a bit hard for you, then think ‘SMALLSCAPE’-a little something which has become a motivational exercise for me whenever I’m down- that is to try to remember the little things that make you, you: your best friend, your hobbies, your pet, your parents, anything that makes you feel joyful.

And most importantly, even if you aren’t the student council president, Mr/Miss Popular or the school captain, it doesn’t matter! The small things in your life can give you those small bursts of happiness that give you the courage to face whatever life at throws at you. Besides, it’s scientifically proven that positive attitudes lead to a more successful and healthy life. And who wouldn’t want to say that they are friends with a super positive, bubbly person, who’s both fun and mature! What matters is that you appreciate yourself, faults and all, and if anything gets you down, think SMALLSCAPE.

Remember that you’re not the only teen with problems, but stay positive and THINK SMALLSCAPE!

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