A limitation is a restriction that determines the extents to which you can go, or more commonly to what extent you think you can go to. In modern day society fear has been able to control our lives and what we do, whether it is the fear of failing or of success. How can we live in a world where something that only exists in our mind controls us with such power? We are so used to being in our comfort zone, where the harsh voices of society – that usually discriminate you to only do a particular thing – are barely audible. The fear of being the fool; the fear of thinking what others would think of you would slowly take over you, eventually making yourself unnoticed.

I’d like to think that I strive to be fearless, to not think about the ‘what ifs’ but rather think of the ‘what if I hadn’t’. Learning to overcome yourself thinking about what other people think of you is a task that is painstakingly long, yet it is a necessary element for success. Those of us who stick to the status quo and, end up being barely heard and recognised all because of our self-imposed limitations and insecurity. We would only do things if we are sure that there would be a hundred percent guarantee that we won’t fail and that there’s success waiting on the other side. But life is quite the contrary: there is never a guarantee.

“A young eaglet was put in a cage and allowed to grow there while receiving nourishment and care. When the eaglet reached maturity and turned into an eagle, the ceiling of the cage was opened. Guess what! The eagle couldn’t soar out of the cage. The reason was simple; he had the ability and potential to soar but was unable because he had been mentally conditioned to stay in the cage. The eagle’s problem was self-imposed limitation.” This is a brilliant quote by Udeme Archibong, a Nigerian motivational speaker who metaphorically depicts and summarizes the strength of fear in you.

Think about one of your greatest achievements and how scared you were about it. What if you hadn’t taken that brave leap, would you have ever gotten the chance to explore or live life outside of your comfort zone? Would you be the same person that you are today?

Conjuring up this courage is no doubt a difficult task. Personally, it took me years to overcome this and to try new things. I had been so caught up in this non-existent world, almost forgetting to be my true self. My message to you is to not walk aimlessly through life, rather to be thankful for what you have and to make the most of it.

So prove your limitations wrong, prove to all those who said you can’t do it wrong. But most importantly do it for yourself. Make it your goal to leave this world beholden to nothing and nobody.

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