Books, plays and films are all forms of art. The increasing variety in today’s understanding of the word ‘art’ begs the question: Do we need to censor some of it? Do restrictions need to be imposed upon some of these “artists”?

Reasons as to why they shouldn’t be censored are numerous. My name means ‘poet’, and I proudly live up to it. I also paint a lot, which would probably lend me the title of an artist, I think. Or a budding one, at least. Art is a form of unleashing emotions into colour, thought, sound and vibrancy. A form of letting go of everything holding us back, and dragging us down.

In an already dog-eat-dog world, art is the only remaining upholder of true democracy, in its sense of liberty. To censor the only free form of self-expression would be to limit, to define, and to confine. Art is the most open-minded aspect in human nature, and censoring freedom is like fighting for peace, or cutting down trees to make space for pro-environment conservation billboards. And then, it would not be art.

How do you listen to a song without half of its drumbeats?

How do you admire a painting without its colour?

Or the most relatable, how do you watch a video with 180p resolution?

Literature, music, drama; they are all about stories that voice opinion, change and inextricably weave fiction with hopes of the future. It serves as inspiration to the masses, and a short story written by an emotional teenager, or an over-enthusiastic adult has the power to change lives, open people’s eyes to the world, connect people worldwide and so much more. It’s about sharing your stories, enlightening others with the little things that may seem so wonderful to a complete stranger, even in its most peculiar details and intricacies.

There are valid arguments as to why it should be censored, though. The most highlighted reason being the way it affects our society, with its children being exposed to various forms of art, those considered vulgar and indecent as well as those thought to be well-balanced, light-hearted and healthy. The psychological aftermath of children being exposed to inappropriate media are nearly always negative, due to their tendency to be influenced easily.

In my opinion, art itself should not be censored, but the audiences that it appeals to should be monitored. Aren’t we already contaminating youth with those violent video games anyway? “Why censor art then? It’s a free world, isn’t it?” we say.

But the world is so unbelievably far from what it claims to be.

So let’s set it free.

Art is something that cannot be controlled; its very existence defies control.

I want it to stay that way.

(Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/isaacmao/9753846/)

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