You and I live in a world of superheroes. Not present in reality, but in comic books and in our minds. They serve as influential characters on the decisions of right and wrong, and are the epitomes of moralistic behaviour. They serve as hope and inspiration to countless individuals across the globe yet little do these individuals know that these superheroes might not always be the “right” models for society.

Superheroes are fictional. Let’s make that point very explicit and clear. Yes, they resemble “normal” human beings in very obvious ways in which they lead very average lives, well, at least until they become the heroes they are remembered to be. Bruce Wayne found the BatCave of his father and therefore, became the Batman. Barry Allen came to be the Flash by getting struck by lightning in a lab. Peter Parker accidentally came into contact with some genetically modified spiders enabling him to become Spiderman. But before that, all these characters had a life ranging from being a billionaire to a scientist to a student. They were nothing out of the ordinary, nothing more than individuals in reality today. That’s why people can relate to them so much; because they are very much like us, but at the same time they are very much not.

They are heroes to us that serve as unrealistic ideals. We can never be superheroes (as much as we want to be, especially me), and thus, they should NOT be the ones we look up to, or simply, aspire to be. Trust me, I would believe in superheroes if I could, but I can’t. They never have and never will be a reasonable and justifiable role model, and this took me a long time to understand.  We can never be them, not yet that is, but for now, the smart and right thing to do, is to find idols in the real world, people who started off like you, people who are like you. These people are humans, made of red blood cells, organs, tissue, and everything else we are made of. They are nothing different.

They can influence the world in ways you can’t possibly comprehend, and definitely more than superheroes.

Look at Steve Jobs, for his pioneering skills, or Martin Luther King Jr., for his overwhelming effect on civil rights for the Blacks and the poor, through nonviolence. For each skill, for each job, there is an individual out there who has displayed, or has yet to display, extraordinary talent. We are a race with gifts and flair; just wait and watch what we can do in the future, for the future.





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