Here and there, you observe as you see the word “Ramadan” being said every ten minutes around you. You’ve probably wondered what this Holy Month is and what it means to people. Taken from an Egyptian community here are some reflections about Ramadan and fasting.

A sixteen year old named Aicha reflected stating that Ramadan is,

“The one month where i accept myself.. I feel closer to this super power that i know i neglect to show so much love and gratitude towards 11 months of the year. The one month where it doesn’t matter.. it seriously doesn’t because we’re all the same and it seems somehow socially Ramadan is an equalizer, everywhere there’s a family gathered to eat the same meal at the same exact time with the same set of drinks and similar prayers; it’s so perfect in its harmony. The joy you feel when it’s time to eat in comparison to that sinking feeling you have because you wanted to have that last bite of konafa. The hope before the adhan in comparison to the disappointment when you realize there’s literally five days left and then things go downhill. No more nights where your heart is filled with silent bliss and you are one step closer to inner peace.”

Another 17 year old reflected stating how, “Ramadan is the Transformation month, the month to recharge your iman and to fight your own desires and  become a better version of yourself throughout the year. ”

Another statement was said by Dr.Dalia explores into what fasting is to her by stating how,

“1- Fasting is an act of piety that draws you closer to Allah. We do it solely for his sake and for NO ONE else. We do not fast to feel at one with the poor because we can always do that without putting ourselves through hardship. You can give sadaqa and engage in meaningful charity work without having to go through the same suffering yourself. Also, if it’s intended for us to feel for the poor, then why should the poor fast too in the first place ?

We fast for the sake of Allah, the Almighty Creator regardless of any reason- just to please Him and grow closer to Him by purifying our souls and cleansing our spirits.

2- Fasting trains you to have a very strong will. If you are able to abstain from food and drink for such a period of time, then you can do anything in your life that needs stamina and willpower. We show ourselves that we are capable of anything as long as the driving force is a lofty cause and a superior reason.

3- Fasting is an act of piety, training oneself and getting closer to Allah through prayer, meditation and cleansing of the soul.”

Another reflection on the idea of fasting and Ramadan explained how this Holy Month is an opportunity to take a good look at one’s life habits. It is an chance to identify your sleeping patterns. “You may discover that you sleep eight hours a day then actually discover in Ramadan that you only need a few hours and that you’d be running perfectly fine. You actually think that you are very exhausted to pray all night but then, discover that you can. You start to examine you, through Islam. In this Holy Month you get to see yourself in a very unfamiliar setting, with impaired sleeping, eating, drinking, socializing. Everything in your life is put on hold as you begin unraveling your weaknesses and strengths while, correcting your beliefs. If there is one thing Ramadan is, it is about self honesty.”

Furthermore, a Character Education teacher reflected on Ramadan stating how Ramadan for her is how she sets up the way she wants to be the rest of the year. Whatever she takes into Ramadan she likes to continue with it after.

Unlike a lot of people, Ramadan for her not is not just a certain time, place, setting and mood where she is spiritually high in. Rather, it is the beginning of what’s coming up.

She pictures life as a map and Ramadan is the month where she figures out  how she reestablishes the map, cleans it up and be ready to go.

Conclusively, Ramadan is what YOU chose and determine it to become. It only comes every 365 days so, make utmost out of it and empower your power in order to detox your soul. 

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