I was brought up not to shut up. I was brought up to talk loudly and boldly when I see wrong in front of me. I was brought up to not be silent. But then during this process everything has changed. My country became one where I could not speak about rights and Facebook became a media for censorship. I soon started being brought up to stay silent, to be quiet, to suppress any emotions. Soon politics became a “no” in school and voicing your opinion became being prone to oppression. Soon we no longer talked about Palestine or Egypt or World Politics. Soon everyone around me remembered events for a day and forgot them the next. Soon when thousands were killed in a mosque we spoke for a couple of days then moved on into a phase of silence. Soon we forgot the lives of so many that were once alive. Soon we became so dehumanized and desensitized. Soon deaths of thousands was “a thing” you hear of everyday. Until, until your ears become too prone to this kind of news and your brain becomes too plain. It becomes no longer shocking when people are killed in a place of worship and serenity and it becomes no longer shocking when a state that was once called Palestine becomes a setting of terror and fear. It no longer becomes shocking when the only voices you can hear in Palestine are those of gunshots and bombs.
But I refuse,
I refuse to stay silent during the age of silence.
I refuse to call Jerusalem the capital of “Israel”.
I refuse to accept people being terrorised in mosques.
And I refuse to conform to the fact that Islam is now correlated with terrorism.
To the inner voice within each and every one of you, do not be silenced. Talk about it, educate yourself, read, learn and listen.
But do not be silenced, because if we were to live in this world of silence then who would speak up? Who would be the catalyst of change?



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