When we think about the world at its present stage, there is no doubt that the world today is different from that of yesterday and tomorrow. A wise man once said that change is that constant element that never changes and a change in everything means variation as a whole.
But as the world today has a look at gene manipulation and looks at editing the genome of individuals to such an extent that they stand at the doorsteps of immortality. It’s surprising that as a thought too, you cannot stick to one side as this subject has the most powerful pros and cons in it.
Let’s first have a glance at the benefits of gene manipulation. Gene manipulation goes on to strengthen an individual in all possible ways. Makes a person strong, smart, good looking and lots more. Gene manipulation in real terms will not help in retaining the ethnicity of humans and will thus go on to change the way humans are.
We will never be the normal humans we are now. Maybe scoring full marks in a mathematics paper will be as easy as having an ice cream. When we feel that having smart or rather intelligent humans all around will make the world better, it’s not going to be that way. Its human nature that more than helping each other, we tend to also take another individual as an example to go forward and move ahead in their day to day activities. Ensuring that everyone is born intelligent will obviously not make the game fun.
So what do we do? Even though this question is too hypothetical considering the fact that the above scenario has not taken place yet and all of them are just hypothetical assumptions. It is thus difficult to look for a solution now itself but it can be aided with precautions. Precautions wherein we can have governments of various countries carefully monitoring the actions of their citizens and various labs and pharmaceutical companies who may ostensibly be the root cause for any problem regarding gene manipulation or its ill use.

In the end, we need to resolve this issue by coming together as one and then see to the fact that we do not misuse our resources in any manner. Even though it sounds vague and inefficient, by the introduction of rules and regulations beforehand on sensitive subjects like these where the leverage to experiment is given but the right to exploit is always denied. With this, we can surely help in the betterment of the world and marinate peace and harmony


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