If I close my eyes, I could pretend that hundreds weren’t brutally murdered by the hands of political conflict.

If I close my eyes, I could just taste the peace brimming on the other side.

If I close my eyes, I could believe that the bloodshed would stop.

But it wouldn’t be true, would it? There’s still war. There’s still death. It’s come to the point where even in the oh-so-glorious 21st century, we humans have been reduced to incapability. War has become like a constant battle between two bickering siblings, both stagnant and deeming they are right. And before you know it, there come the allies and secret tactics while innocent bystanders perish. This isn’t what our lives were destined to be.

This isn’t what the youth of Pakistan deserved. December 16th 2014, Black Day, will forever be an incarnation of the abysmal wound to our nation. 132 were students. 141 were dead. It was the day where gunshots kissed them goodnight, after their mothers bid them goodbye for school. A future was snatched away as dreams were lost, and humanity went astray. No compensation could ever suffice the loss of the children who aspired to be greater than what we are today.

It’s hard to identify what went wrong in our society. What problem lead to all of our problems?

The burning question has a simple answer – extremism. All-consuming hatred and extreme viewpoints have blind sighted individuals to become unaccepting of anything other than what they believe. Extremists willingly adapt to the utmost methods to get their point across, resulting in violence and chaos. We’re dealing with issues like the Civil War in Syria, the Palestine-Israel conflict, the war in Afghanistan etc. All this has had counter effects like Islamophobia and stereotypical connotations that “all Muslims are terrorists”.

Those extremists are not Muslims, and they will never be classified as Muslims (ever). They follow none of the Islamic Laws. It becomes quite sadistic when people who have no knowledge of our religion, put themselves forward as experts on it. The Qu’ran forbids aggressive warfare; it forbids the killing of innocent non-combatants and it forbids to attempt to impose Islam on other people who wish not to do so. There’s good and bad everywhere. How can you blame an entire religion for the acts of some extremist idiots?  And then, this does not give anyone the right to discriminate against the religion for what some idiots decide to do or hold Islam “responsible” for cultivating such idiots. Because really, if there was a white bomber, you wouldn’t blame Christianity for the man’s actions would you? Or would you blame the way they were raised?

Conquer extremism and you conquer our problems.


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