She was a girl just starting high school. She knew herself inside and out. Nobody else did, not even her mom. And she never felt comfortable in this world. She never did have friends who understood her, or friends who cared enough to try. She always struggled to socialize like others did, so much so that she felt like she had a serious issue. She was getting used to this harsh, cruel world and was starting to give up.


One day she decided to participate, she decided to try something new.

It wasn’t as easy as it sounded, but it was something she wanted to do.

Before she knew it, she was a part of a team, a part of something cool.

She met new people and made friends who really came through.

Her life was changing and her confidence grew.

She felt happier, and she didn’t feel blue

It was a big change on her, everyone could see.

This was not who she used to be.

This was the first time, but not the last.

To make an effect, something has to last

She did more good, without even thinking of it.

And even though they tried, she didn’t let anyone diminish it.

She finally started to have friends.

Not any, but ones she can trust.

She learned more about life,

had a social life,

created a bond and a trust.

She advanced her hobbies,

took a glance at her qualities,

believed in herself

and she still had the same beliefs;

When you’re doing what you like, with people you like, being popular or famous doesn’t reach good enough.

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