Ever asked yourself one of two questions am I okay or am I doing well? Ever asked yourself am I happy? Ever took the time to reflect upon a beautiful or disastrous day? Ever took the time to thank your amazing mother or best friend who have been ‘through it all’ with you? Well, the thing is all these questions are part doing well, of being well. Too often we get caught up in our lives whether it’s because we work, go to school, college have kids etc.,  nevertheless, we forget to take care of our own personal wellness. We forget to ask ourselves question such as “am I happy?” or “am I doing okay?” “am I taking care of my own physical and mental well being or am I forgetting about myself?”

We too often forget to sit down and reflect upon our lives and what are we are achieving day by day, we too often get caught up in other people’s problems that we forget to take care of our own. That we forget to set goals in our lives and actually ‘be well’, and by be well I mean both physical and mental wellness. I mean being able to organize our lives in a way that makes us happy, in a way where we have a healthier lifestyle, where we have a boost of energy and a boost of motivation that drives our willpower up day by day.

The way I do it is that every month I create new habits I want for myself, I write down in my life planner every month a set of goals for myself, at the end i have to write what i achieved day by day and sometimes week by week. These kinds of habits make us mentally aware of the issues we are facing in our daily lives and the problems we as individuals need to work on in order to become a better version ourselves and in order to ensure our own wellness!

My advice to whoever is reading this right now, be kind, be compassionate, be understanding and be there for those around you but never forget your own wellness because one day you’ll realize that you got dragged into this life and you’ll feel so lost and right then is when the realization will hit you that you have not been doing well. Set goals for yourself and even if you don’t achieve them remember that you have tried your best and right then you will still feel a sense of achievement, a sense of purpose and meaning to your life. You will feel that you have been taking care of your own well being and thus you will be able to take care of those around you better,  spreading good energy to this world when it needs it the most

I wrote the words above one month ago when I was applying to Maverick Youth, I wrote them when I thought I had everything figured out, I wrote them with so much hope, happiness and enthusiasm in me. Yet, right then is when I caught the flu for more than fifteen days. The point here is not my sickness, how I recovered or how I kept up with school work. The point is that,  when you feel like you’ve got everything planned out, that is when life hits you and tests you. And that, that is exactly the time where you need to find your inner strength and power through it to emerge stronger and happier. “Fail, pick yourself up and fail again,” one of my favorite quotes from a speech I heard, so when you actually decide you are going to take care of your physical and mental well being and you get a phone call that someone is in the hospital or that you’ve got lost a dear friend, don’t stop, take your time to move on and let it go and start all over again. Because life will remain to be a rollercoaster whether you like or not, so as cliche as this might sound but enjoy every part in it and grow through it in every possible way.


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