If nature could sing, its tune would be a wake up call for us all.

Surely it was a dream. I wish it were a dream. For then, I would not have to live with the burden of remembering.

As I lay on my bed, drained and exhausted, I try to forget the events of the night. It seemed as though it was the most powerful force on the planet. It poured into the air a rain of energy with every breath it took and every tune it played. I watched as the children’s small hands and legs danced to the tune of the “Silent Pearl,” their faces filled with curiosity, the room echoing with their innocent laughter.

Children would stop and stare at the orchestra. As though they were seeing for the first time a glimpse of a “dangerous” magic they have been denied for so long by those who claim “to know better than them.” A gift from God himself that does not only create beautiful music, but also saves us and our children-to-be from the brutality we have – with the helping hands of our ancestors – so cunningly and selfishly crafted.

However, the same could not be said about the adults. They were disconnected. Unable to form a bond with the orchestra’s music. They treated the orchestra as a right rather than a privilege. They demanded more and more cheerful songs from musicians that had only sadness in their hearts. But the orchestra had only the power of its songs and not the power to fight back. Kept from clean water and rest, the orchestra kept playing. Through the smoke of the cigars of the “sophisticated”, the orchestra kept playing. Through the loud ungrateful voices, demanding more and more, the orchestra kept playing. Yet, despite of it all, I could see that the orchestra did not play out of obligation or weakness. It played out of love and compassion..

Little by little, the orchestra crumbled and their symphonies withered. Their sheet music filled with tears and their songs with sorrow. The strings of the violins tore, some in surrender while others in rebellion. I watched as each musician mourned the fall of the other. Till no one and nothing remained..

No one was blind to the demise of the orchestra, but we chose not to see it. My ears stunned between the cries of the crumbling “Silent Pearl” and the laughter of the people. They watched the destruction they had caused; indifferent, callous, hollow.

It all happened in just three seconds. An orchestra that took millions of years to evolve and perfect its sounds gone in just three seconds. Not a single musician nor instrument remained. Nothing but the faint chirps of the lead singer, the Kauai O’o bird, calling for a companion who will never come.

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