I’ve always thought it rather horrid, that there’s such an ugly stigma around the concept of ‘school’. It’s become part of our culture to first, hate school (often without giving reason) and then gather the wit and intelligence to come up with valid arguments for why school is so horrendous. This then inevitably leads us to the conclusion that this system we’ve been plonked into, is despicable.

I have a friend, and she’s the perfect example of this cultural revolt against the concept of school. She’s an intelligent girl, expressive and comfortable within her skin. She wants nothing more, than to get the hell away from “the system”. She’s the type who glorifies burning down the school once you’ve graduated.

Ironically enough, what is seen as being a brave individual, stepping out from the herd, has become a bit of a cliché. The result of repressed youth, and the censorship of teenage expression have regurgitated a beacon of hope for those looking to assure themselves of their intelligence and uniqueness.

How to be this idiot of a revolutionary? It’s quite simple –

-Make a point, in not investing time into how you look – there’s more to you than your appearance! Otherwise you’ll seem vapid silly!

-You need to show the world (constantly) that you have extremely important, and controversial opinions on matters that shape the world

-But at the same time, you also need to be showing people that you don’t care enough to voice them – you’re far superior and thus, it is beneath you to need to explain the why’s and how’s. Your motto is; “I’m surrounded by absolute idiots”, (a diamond in the rough you are!)


-People must think that you read, a lot. You need to have set up the aura of superiority, and what better way to do it than to appear well read!

-The most important part in all this is that you can never ever let on that you actually care about any of this. The only things you care about – are truth, justice and passion, man! This is why you cannot invest too much time in your appearance; you need to be giving off an air of accessibility. You don’t take yourself all that seriously, which is precisely why everyone else should.

Sarcasm and humor aside, it’s all rather silly. What is school, but a means of educating, which has adapted a system most suitable to the general public? School definitely has the capacity to kill creativity and all that jazz, but this is where we’re missing a step. If we know that it’s easy to fall into a mind set where you become swallowed by only seeing the educational system you’re offered, is it really so ludicrous to suggest that we simply don’t?

The problem with those who hate the concept of school is that they’ve become complacent. It’s awfully easy to hate and grumble. It’s easy to find things in your curriculum that you truly won’t ever need, and then point them out. But see what’s truly difficult, is to take it upon yourself to not only make the best of what you’re given, but to make your own damn opportunities.

Your formal education offers basic knowledge, that you’re lucky to even have access to in the first place! It’s up to you to go educate yourself on matters that excite you, school will only kill your creativity if you’re not fostering it outside of the system.

Instead of wasting all this time and energy making the point of not doing the work and pointing out flaws in how it was prescribed, you could have done what would have helped you build a foundation and moved on to bigger and better things.

We tend to turn to the easiest way out: justification for not having made the most and more of what could have been, but what happens when you realize you’re left with nothing solid, but a hatred for this system of yours?

Whose fault will it be, when you realise that you haven’t taken control of your own education?

Ah. The System’s of course.

It’s like we’re using “The System” as a Godot of sorts! So long as we have someone or something to blame for our own shortcomings, we’re happy.

At this point, we must swivel around to the group in the front, eagerly waiting to respond to all this by saying that they do take it upon themselves to go out there and learn about things they care about, and make opportunities and make the most of this big bright world – yet that doesn’t change the fact that The System’s presence is still felt! See they still feel the responsibility, to speak out against this horrible educational system of ours. But man, look up and around yourself! It is so easy to get consumed by that madness.

Yes, the system needs to be worked on, the world needs to be bettered, and speaking out against things that can be better is very important! But don’t let it consume you to the point of complacency, at which point you become a hypocrite!

Being all theory and no action is just as bad as being all action and no theory after all. I often ask this friend of mine; “You’re in your last year of school, despite a system that doesn’t see to what you feel is right, why not just get through it and then figure out a way to better it?” Her response is always; “That’s the thing though! I just want nothing to do with it.” So, what’s she left with? Bitterness, a rock that doesn’t lie lightly in one’s tummy.

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